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Description of Steering Wheel Cover for the Prevention of Static Electricity


  • l Name of article l
    Steering Wheel Cover for the Prevention of Static Electricity Discharge.


  • l Technical overview l 
     Static electricity is generated by friction between a driver’s body and automobile seat while driving. When static electricity builds up in the body, it can lead to serious electrical shock when a foreign object is touched, and this in turn can cause operator error or damage precision electrical equipment.

    When humidity is below 40%, static electricity is easily generated between a driver’s clothes (especially wool clothing) and the driver’s seat, due to friction. For this reason, several types of prevention systems have been invented.

    One such system involves the ionization of cloth seat covers to discharge the static electricity; however it is incapable discharging it completely.

    Another system involves grounding the vehicle by applying conducive material to the vehicle’s muffler, but this system is also ineffective. The substance becomes worn away quicky, and is also only capable of discharging static electricity in the vehicle itself not for the driver.


  • l System details l
     However, our static electricity prevention system a steering wheel cover is a great advancement. We use a conductive thread to bind the wheel cover, which is also grounded. Using this system eliminates static electricity in the body, as any generated electricity is automatically and completely discharged.

    As the driver no longer has to worry about static electric shock, the system provides an excellent safety solution.


  • l System technology l
     After a sustained period of driving, much static electricity can become stored in a driver’s body due to friction. When released, this stored static electricity can generate a painful sensation, and can even be dangerous.

    Such danger can be prevented with our steering wheel cover system.
    The cover is made with a conductive thread that grounds the vehicle.


  • l System composition and function l
    The static electricity prevention steering wheel cover is composed of conductive thread, a safety circuit, and leather.

    Our wheel cover is manufactured by binding it with conductive thread and attaching a terminal that grounds the vehicle to provide a discharge path.
    Once the static electricity prevention steering wheel cover is installed, the vehicle is grounded and no static electric voltage can build up.


  • l System effectiveness l
     As described above, this static electricity prevention steering wheel cover system is highly effective. It is an excellent safety measure for the driver, preventing static electric shock and also ensuring the safe operation of precision electric equipment.
    It can also prevent the risk of fire during vehicle refueling at a gas station.


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